5 Tips for Special Event Planning

Your special occasion may be an event that’s held once in a lifetime. That’s why special event planning is critical to make sure every detail is perfect for both you and your guests. Trying to do it yourself is often overwhelming, and it’s possible to make some common mistakes. 

Here are a few tips to follow to avoid headaches when planning wedding parties in Chicagoor other special events:


There are many wonderful ideas that you may want to incorporate into your event. If you’ve attended other events and loved some of the concepts, you may be tempted to use them. However, planning wedding parties in Chicago or Dallas expertly should emphasize a coordinated look with a central focus. The trick is to take your favorite ideas – a theme, centerpiece, lighting effect or other element – and build on it by incorporating complimentary components. For example, if you want a coral reef theme, start with a color scheme by using aqua and turquoise linen. Then choose natural Chivari ballroom chairs for a Caribbean feel. Top the tables with exotic bright flowers and wash the room with an underwater lighting effect.


Deciding on a basic budget is the first rule for special event planning. The most significant cost is normally the food and beverage cost which is typically based on your guest count. Although food is important for any party, it may not be the most important aspect of your event. Feeding 300 people is not the same as an intimate dinner party.

Select foods and services that your caterer, hotel, or chef provide especially well for the number of guests you will have. By selecting menu options such as chicken rather than beef, you may easily save $10 to $20 per person. You can then spend the money you save to scale up your centerpieces, lighting or other décor. 

Review your guest list carefully. As a rule of thumb, a special event will cost between $150 and $200 per person. Reducing your guest count by as few as 10 couples could save you $3000 to $4000.


You’ll want oohs and aahs when your guests arrive. A predetermined timeline will make everything run smoothly. Create a timeline for all vendors – the kitchen, band, photographer, and DJ.

Beautiful flowers, décor, linen and lighting enhance the ambiance. Great entertainment makes the event a party. Food should be tasty. At the core, you’ll want everyone to enjoy the event, and make this a memorable occasion.  


An experienced party professional can help guide you through your selection process and help you avoid the common mistakes made by most people when planning their own events. You don’t need to give up control or abandon your dream event. Having an M&M pro on your side who has experience with special event planning and orchestrating these events will save you headaches, frustration, time, and money. M&M can help bring your dreams to life.


Understand that even the best plans can go astray. Don’t let the small bumps ruin your special occasion. M&M professionals are trained to adapt smoothly to unforeseen hurdles and can make them transparent to you so you can enjoy your event.

Chicago and Dallas special event planning experts can help.

M&M – the special events company – can help you avoid special event hassles and allow you to enjoy your celebration. For more ideas on planning your special event, Contact Us or visit our showroom in Carol Stream, Il (630-871-9999) or Carrolton, Tx (214-350-5373).