How to Select the Perfect Wedding Florist in Chicago or Dallas

When you and your fiancé begin planning your special day choosing your wedding florist is probably the 2nd most important decision you will make in your wedding planning process after selecting your venue. Here are a few basic facts that you should know about choosing your wedding florist.

There are no ‘Special’ Flowers
Every florist buys their flowers from the same wholesalers or importers. There is no secret source. Most florists have a supply of vases that are the same cylinders, cubes, trumpets and pilsners that you see being used at every wedding.  Armed with that knowledge you will be better able to select an affordable and savvy wedding florist with no concern about getting flowers that aren’t the same quality as the big name designers.

Evaluate the relationship between Affordability, Quality and Skill
Some retail florists similar to the ones you’ll find in your local grocery store will offer to produce wedding floral at a lower cost.  Due to the nature of retail floral compared to designed event pieces this option risks the level of style in your look and potentially the longevity of your flowers. On the other end of that spectrum a ‘niche’ wedding florist may charge an excessive amount for their expertise and name, and because they have to cover all of their overhead costs on only providing flowers, their prices can be much higher.  When working directly with a company like M&M that employs both talented designers, and is able to spread business costs over our equipment rental, linen, lighting and floral, you can take advantage of expertly stylized bouquets, boutonnière, and centerpiece designs at a fraction of the cost of the exact look from an expensive boutique.

Shape and Style affect your Floral Costs
In the floral world there are about a dozen floral designs that are most commonly produced. The designer is able to create unique floral pieces by combining numerous flower shapes, sizes, colors, and varying the quantity of flowers used in the overall design.  Due to the proportions necessary a tall centerpiece needs nearly double the number of flowers that a low centerpiece requires. This is where the designer’s talents come in, knowing the smartest style and the appropriate combinations of flowers needed to achieve the desired look. Working with a company like M&M affords you all the floral and wedding rental expertise on staff to design your whole look from your bouquet to your wedding ceremony and reception in Chicago and Dallas.  

More inspirational wedding designs can be viewed at our wedding photo galleries. The right florist can help you create the wedding day floral of your dreams and look like a million bucks. Working with M&M The Special Events Company for your floral, linen, seating and lighting you’ll be sure to have a memorable weddings and a few extra dollars leftover for your honeymoon!

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