Mitzvah Madness

By Jill Ryder

After years of Hebrew school when a Jewish child turns 13 it is customary to have a Bar/Bat Mitzvah. Truly, the most important part of the event is the service, and how the child becomes an adult in the Jewish religion. Nowadays, the party becomes most of the focus and in our business that is okay. Even though your child may now be an adult (in the Jewish religion), whose party is it really? If you saw the movie a few years ago “Keeping up with the Steins” you can relate.

Building our Mitzvah business at M &M The Special Events Company one Mitzvah at a time, our Mitzvah business has exploded in the last couple of years and is continuing to grow. We have added many impressive parties to our portfolio!

Being a mother myself of three little cuties, I have two Mitzvahs down and one to go. Since I am in the thick of Mitzvah madness both at work and in my social circles, I feel I have acquired a wealth of helpful information. I am not a planner or therapist, but I am a very creative person with wonderful resources and fabulous M&M team.

When I work with a client one of the first questions I ask is what’s their budget. For the clients that are on a restricted budget, I try and spend their money wisely and give them the biggest bang for their buck. For other clients, the sky is the limit. I treat all my clients the same regardless.

M&M owns our own linen, lighting, lounge furniture, chairs, tables, in-house floral dept., and so on. We are a one stop shop and that is very appealing these days, only one delivery fee and we set up your entire party from head to toe.

We will work with you to create the entire look of your party from place card boards to centerpieces to changing the ugly chairs from your venue. The chairs do become part of your décor; the moms usually get that, the dads not so much. It’s nice to have options and we have lots of those!

Night club themed parties are very popular in the Mitzvah world. I have done Lexi’s Lounge, Club Kayla, Shayna’s Lounge, Club Kenna, Club T just to name a few. Adding a fabulous entry way creates the drama the clients want, and sets the mood.

Once in the room, the lounge furniture makes a statement. We have different colors and pieces to choose from that are very affordable.

Lighting is also the key to adding the atmosphere. If you are on a budget, go heavier on the lighting and less somewhere else. (Do you really need to invite the neighbors down the street that you never talk to?)

When it comes to centerpieces the trend is very sleek and modern. We love flowers and lights here at M &M. And, the graphics play a big part in the design. The options are endless. While you cannot always reinvent the wheel, we like to try.

Let’s face it, there is only so much you can do “new” with a basketball theme party. Adding some special touches like a referee striped bar and a back drop with a sparkly sign helped make this party unique. We transformed this gym into a slam dunk!

It is process coming up with the Mitzvah theme and making the clients vision become a reality. When listening to the client and the soon to be adult (in the Jewish religion) opinions may differ; it is my job to come up with a compromise that makes everyone happy.

I treat every Mitzvah party as if it was my own. I often say it’s like being pregnant for nine months (the planning) and I would never miss the birth of the baby (the Party). Sometimes I even have post party syndrome!


Jill Ryder