Tips for Successful Charity, Fundraising Events

The economy is tough and that has put even more pressure on not for profits to raise funds to continue their good works. There are many worthwhile charities, all reaching out to the same corporations and individuals for support that is often limited.  Industry experts like M&M can be very valuable when planning fundraising galas in Chicago.


Rather than a sit-down dinner consider a grazing event, with cocktails, hors d’oeuvres and coffee & desserts. People love to mingle and talk during traditional cocktail hours now they can continue their conversation through out the night without being interrupted to take their seat at a table. Set up action stations with chef’s carving meats and making mini sandwiches; preparing sushi or pastas. There are numerous creative food ideas that are affordable and work well with most limited budgets. Options include serving Mac and Cheese in martini glasses; a mashed potatoes bar with garlic and sweet potatoes served in specialty drink glasses with an array of toppings that your guests are sure to love. Get other creative ideas like these when planning charity events in Dallas.


In different locations around the room create intimate lounge areas using modular vinyl couches, ottomans and curved benches.  Introduce other seating options by utilizing standard 8’ rectangle tables on leg extenders to make them bar height surrounded by traditional bar stools to give your event an exciting night-club feel. Event lighting adds drama and excitement to your VIP areas with washes of color. You can event project your Charity’s message on the wall or floor reinforcing your goal for the evening.


Transform your event into a carnival arcade complete with games of skill and chance with real prizes for the winners. Regardless of the prize this kind of activity is sure to be a crowd pleaser and make your fundraiser stand out. Even the more senior guests enjoy ‘fun foods’, so serve arcade favorites like mini sliders or hot dogs served from vendor trays worn by the wait staff. Throw in pop corn and cotton candy machines and watch your guests eyes light up, regardless of their age or stature. Get more sciting ideas like these when planning benefit events rentals in Chicago.

Fund raising can be enjoyable and memorable and of course profitable when you think outside the box. For more ideas and information, please Contact Us or visit our showroom in Carol Stream, Il (630-871-9999) or Carrolton, Tx (214-350-5373).